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  1. Interesting. If you fixed this then why did my lapto just detect this as a virus after previously detecting another false positive 12 hours earlier. You can read my other post I just made on it.
  2. Obviously nothing has been done to fix this since yesterday my laptop detected this virus while I wasn't even using the computer. Amazing how just all of a sudden out of the blue I would get this especially when it wasn't detected during a scan or anything like that. The thing is to be safe before I looked this up I let it check my computer & quarantine this ridicules list of files from multiple LEGITIMATE programs. Then of course it says to reboot which I did & guess what? My computer would no longer start up. Instead it just kept rebooting asking if I wanted to use Safe Mode. Thanks a lot NOT SO SUPERAnispyware. Luckily I'm a Computer & Network Admin so I knew what to do & I just booted to last known working configuration & I was able to get back into Windows not I just have to clean up this mess you created in order to get my programs to work again. Now that I know this isn't an actual virus first on my list will be to restore everything. Interestingly enough 12 hours later another Trojan was detected. I'm betting without even looking it up that it's a False Positive too. Especially since Norton Internet Security didn't detect either one. Trojan.Dropper/YUR-NV
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