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  1. Thank you for your reply. I PMed you.
  2. I have a life time license and I am not using it on any computer. I tried installing it on my laptop now and I got a message that my key is blacklisted. I contacted support via email but didn't get a reply since 5 days. I also contacted them via Twitter and no response. What's going on with this company?
  3. Even though I manually deleted the startup entry from Autoruns pertaining to SAS, upon reboot, it still started up. What I had to do to fix this is to reset the program defaults then re-adjust all my settings again. Bad programming I must say for this build. and guys please can we stop trying to bundle the malware Google Chrome into the installer? doesn't look nice coming from a security company! Until Chrome puts similar lockdown and vetting for extensions and add-ons in place like Firefox has, I consider it an unacceptable security risk and a malware conduit. I'm seeing quite a few banking trojans and other nasties in Chrome extensions. I'm uninstalling Chrome on sight for the time being. I won't use an AV that pushes it as more secure. Google may get this glaring security hole patched, maybe then my opinion will change.
  4. I just updated to SUPERAntiSpyware v6.0.1200 and even though my previous settings were intact, now SAS startups everytime I restart Windows and I see the following entry added: There is no option in the preferences to turn it off. Now I know I can simply delete that entry from Autoruns but this is not right! It shouldn't be starting up automatically when I installed the free edition and haven't asked it to startup on logon!
  5. Hi there, can you please change my username to: Matrix Leader
  6. Thank you very much for your prompt action. Cheers
  7. yes exactly! 100% false positive
  8. Been using this program for more than 4 years, this is the first time SAS reports that it's a PUP! This is definitely a false positive! Internet Download Manager is NOT bundled with any program! it's the best paid download manager out there! SAS is what bundles crap! Bundles Chrome with its installation!
  9. If you don't run the service, then everytime you run SAS it would tell you there is a product update even though it is up to date so don't mess around with the service
  10. Yes sir, and the scans done in the screenshots above were done at the same time with the same defs
  11. It certainly isn't working sir. I just visited a few sites which I know have trackers..... Quick Scan results: My Custom Scan results with predefining the following folders to scan (check the 2nd image): C:\Users\MaXimus\AppData\Local\8pecxstudios\Cyberfox\Profiles C:\Users\MaXimus\AppData\Roaming\8pecxstudios\Cyberfox\Profiles
  12. There isn't, this is not unusual from SAS to release a new version with no change log. Very unprofessional!
  13. Firstly, there is no change log, secondly, I was told that the next update for SAS would have support for Cyberfox but I just ran a scan and it didn't catch a single cookie from the Cyberfox User profile folder Very disappointed as I was eagerly awaiting this next update to have support for my favorite new browser that is just the same as Firefox minus the bloat
  14. I support you 100% on this idea, that would be a nice feature as I always sit there waiting to suddenly be surprised that the scan is finished! I wanna know the progress like any security product has in its scan.
  15. Perfect! Thank you so much for being so cooperative!
  16. Use AdWcleaner my friend: https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/ SAS is only good for one thing, to remove tracking cookies
  17. oh ok, thanks for the clarification guys
  18. Thank you so much! I'd really appreciate that
  19. I have just switched to this firefox based browser and it's amazing! very very fast, based on the Gecko Engine Kindly add support so that its tracking cookies are detected They have both a 32-Bit and a 64-Bit version https://8pecxstudios.com/cyberfox-web-browser
  20. I got 2 files from a tool called AntiVirus Remover which helps you easily download the latest uninstallers for various AVs.... now it included SASUNINSTALL.exe and SASUNINSTALLx64.exe What is that second file? I always though SAS was an x86 program so which uninstaller should one use normally? or does SAS detect if it's an x64 system and would install itself in the x64 program files folder and thus one would need to use the 2nd uninstaller? am I correct?
  21. Yes it's very easy, Just add the following location to the quick scan: c:\users\%USER%\APPDATA\ROAMING\MOONCHILD PRODUCTIONS\PALEMOON\PROFILES\ For now, I manually added that path to the custom scan but still would like it to be also included by default in SAS
  22. I just noticed that if I run a FULL SCAN rather than a Quick Scan SAS catches the cookies since now it scans the entire drives, so it is able to see them in Pale Moon's folder.....
  23. I thought SAS was goin gto support Pale Moon in version 6 but I just installed Pale Moon, visited many sites then ran a scan and it didn't find a single tracking cookie. Pale Moon has become a very major browser now with many users switching to it after Firefox adopted the fugly Australis interface so why not support it? it's not like anything major has to be done you just have to add the folder where Pale Moon stores it cookies and it's done! Please fix this
  24. Yeah I know very weird seems like maybe the right click extension entry doesn't play with one of my other shell extension entries which might cause this hence you don't see many complaint about it. But I am glad I finally found the solution and can continue to use SAS without affecting my system and hopefully this may help others if they come across this issue.
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