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  1. When I installed Bitdefender Free it told me to first uninstall SAS Free so I did. Is it ok to reinstall SAS Free ? Will there be a compatibility problem even though SAS Free has no realtime scan ?
  2. If this threads still going, I use Bitdefender Free on my laptop and Panda Free on my low spec desktop and I have no complaints about either one.
  3. Hey guys, I was asked a question that I couldn't answer, so maybe you can. What's the difference between SAS Free Edition and SAS Online Scanner ??
  4. Other than some problems with the latest product update experienced by a few friends of mine, I have never had an issue with SAS, and it's about time that a product that actually does what it says,, gets the credit it deserves.
  5. Hey Don, strange thing about this is the 2 machines are 1gb Ram each, but my wife has an old Windows 98 that was upgraded to Windows XP, and it only has 512 mbs of Ram and has no issues at all with SAS, it updated and is running great. Yes, all are using (used) SAS Free.
  6. I want everyone here to understand,, I think SAS is one of the finest products out there, that is the main reason I joined this forum,, like I said, I use it, always have, and I would most definitely recommend it. I just want to know what could be the problem with this. Just looking for answers my buddies.
  7. Robin, the deal is that I use SAS Free and I got the new product update and all went through just fine, and so far I don't have a problem, but these others were terrible.
  8. Even after reinstalling I still couldn't get it to work robin, all it did was freeze the PC.
  9. Since the same update, I had to uninstall SAS off of 2 computers. After the update, nothing, Click SAS icon, then they clicked the bug, but SAS would never start, then the computers froze. I uninstalled SAS on both. The PCs ran great, then I installed it on one and the same thing happened. So they just wanted it off. Any ideas guys ??
  10. Hey drpeej, in all the time I have used SAS, I have never had a false positive,,,,,, so far. You may want to go open SAS and go to Manage Quarantine to restore quarantined objects, then go to Preferences and under Scanning Control go to Manage Folders and Manage Allowed Items. Hope that helps buddy.
  11. Name is Claw, and I'd just like to say hi to all the guys and gals here. Hope to be able to get involved really quick. Thanks for having me.
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