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  1. dizzy


    I didn't even think about going to add/remove due to reading some comments here. I downloaded & ran your uninstaller as per post # 4 above. The reason I uninstalled was that I thought possibly having it was the reason that I can't seem to be rid of all files that were left over from my uninstall of SuperAdBlocker but now I just have more leftovers & I'm not the only one, see post # 3 above.
  2. dizzy


    I used your uninstaller as per your post #4 above but then have an error in Event Viewer about SAS Core so now what? I tried to edit by adding a couple screen shots of errors but the 'attach' option isn't working for me.
  3. dizzy


    I still have a question about SuperAdBlocker but don't find a forum at their site so am I supposed to post it here at SAS?
  4. dizzy


    Would the 'Uninstaller' apply to SAB also or is there a separate 'Uninstaller' for it? I uninstalled SAB awhile back & still have some leftovers. Thank you, dizzy
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