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    Even this did not completely remove it from my PC. There were several items still in the registry including the SAS core service and 2 scheduled tasks created by SAS
  2. I am even less impressed after uninstalling it as I found that there were a number of items from the SAS installation still remaining on my computer even after following the instructions to do a full uninstall using the downloaded uninstall utility. As well as an orphaned shortcut on my desktop I found a number of items remaining in the registry including (rather worryingly) two scheduled tasks and the SAS core service. I have removed all these manually but this should not have been necessary.
  3. After having had no help at all from support over this problem I am uninstalling the trial. Each time I restored the files it was removed again the next time it scanned. I tried looking at the manage allowed Items preference setting but as far as I can see it is necessary to add the path to each item manually What annoys me most though is the complete lack of any support
  4. I have had no reply to this, nor have I heard anything further from support since I submitted the files so I will be removing this from my system. I just hope that none of my customers use it It seems to me from reading these forums that SAS has a real false positive problem.
  5. I am not impressed as I did submit my files several days ago and have heard nothing more
  6. Did you ever get a response to this as I am getting similar problems. Today about 30 exes and dlls on my PC are being quarantined. Many (but not all) of these are files I have compiled with Delphi 7 but I think possibly all of them do have a delphi heritage. I had a similar problem a couple of years ago when McAfee suddenly started reporting one of my executables as a virus. Their response to be fair was quick and they said sorry - our fault but not before an enormous amount of damage had been done to our end users and our reputation. The problem is that my software is used in a sensitive healthcare environment and the AV was set up to completely delete any virus without any prompt or warning. I doubt that many of my end users are using SUPERAntiSpyware but there is a risk that the same scenario is about to happen again. Any other Delphi programmers out there with similar issues? I am only signed up to SUPERAntiSpyware on a trial basis but this is only the second day of my trial and it has not exactly filled me with confidence Peter
  7. I am currently trialling SUPERAntiSpyware but this morning the scan log tells me that it has quarantined about 30 files that I know are OK. Most of them seem to be in my Borland Delphi folders and many of them are programs that I have written and compiled with Delphi 7. Its impractical to submit all of these to you as false positives. I suspect that the SUPERAntiSpyware is flagging a signature that is in the delphi compiled code What do you suggest I do? I will need to reinstate these quarantined files but I am not sure how to do it Peter Harris
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