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  1. Is it normal to still find different cookies even after disabling them in Firefox?
  2. So, when scanning with SUPERAntiSpyware, I normally find a few tracking cookies. But, recently, I've seen a massive increase in the number of cookies I've got. I've avoided certain new sites I've been visiting, and I turned on Firefox's "Block Third Party Cookies" option. I also use CCleaner and run it regularly. Despite doing this, I got a couple of tracking cookies (I forget the exact number). So, I removed them and rebooted as instructed. As soon as my computer came back on, I scanned right away and it found four cookies right off the bat. Despite the fact I hadn't even touched a web browser. Should I be concerned? Is there anyway I can try to stop these from coming back? It is really getting on my nerves and I'd like to know why they come back.
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