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  1. Thanks for responding. I know what cookies are, and while I realize they're harmless, cuddly little critters for the most part, I kill 'em anyways. What I don't know is why 50 or more of them would get thru

    during a session on a browser that SAS recommeded for "additional security" (to paraphrase) while a similiar session on IE might net 0 to 5 or six?

  2. When I renewed my SuperAntiSpyware subscription last week I got a message at the end suggesting I make Google Chrome my default browser - so I did, and I like Chrome so far - except that when I run a scan at the end of a browsing session I'm picking up far more cookies than I ever have with IE. Only thing I can figure - and I don't know much - is that I must not be getting realtime protection with the new browser. Any suggestions?

    BTW, I also use Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and it seems to be working with either browser.

    Many thanks.

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