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  1. Watching Windows Task Manager, the only significant change when a program is activated with real-time activated is SAS memory usage going from approximately 1,600K building slowly, (over several minutes while the computer is locked up), to over 250,000K Bill
  2. When real-time is activated, when you go to open a program or website you can just hear the computer going into overtime processing something............
  3. LOL. I already went through support and was told that they could do nothing. Thus the reason I came here. Hello William, You can try disabling other real-time security programs and see if there is a conflict between the them on your system. In reality there are an infinite number of software combinations and configurations on systems and it is not possible for us to pinpoint unique issues on individual systems. Regards, SUPERAntiSpyware Customer Service
  4. Aw! Firefox or Explorer. It makes no difference. Both act the same. And it is not just Internet sites. General programs are affected also.
  5. Avast is the only other similar program. There is no effect by disabling Avast. Thanks, Bill
  6. Hello, When the option is set to use Real-Time protection, opening some programs and Internet sites really drag. Taking several.......several minutes to load. Locking the computer in the mean time.Turn off Real-Time Protection, programs/ websites just snap into place. I contacted customer service and they said they could not help with this situation. It's really frustrating to pay for a service and then not being able to utilize it. Can I find some help here? Thanks!
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