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  1. Same problem over here. SAS 6.0.1130. SAScore and SAS main program are using about 25-30% CPU and there is constant HDD activity. Slows everything down. This didn't happen with former version.
  2. My system has 8 GB ram. "Plenty" for all other apps and for the way I use my PC, never had "not enough ram" trouble nor 'feeling'. CPU usage (when "CORE update definitions" is running for ages) is around 30% (25-50%, loads of other apps running in background), ram usage around 4-5 GB. Process Explorer says SAS is using 25% CPU when (not realy?) processing the Core definitions update. I never had this problem with SAS , only lately (couple of weeks now, so I guess the problem came with the latest program update). I just noticed the CORE-update is busy (is it?) for over een hour again, that's why I had a look at this forum, to see if some solution has popped up yet. Seems not... And "the problem" doesn't accour everytyme the definitions are updated... It's a "sometimes". And as I mentioned before: uninstall.re-install doesn't fix the problem. Only keeps the customer busy for a while .
  3. Same problem over here: "processing CORE definitions" takes ages, and "sometimes" doing a scan takes ages (can be 'days') too. Uninstalling and re-installing did not fix this. Very annoying...
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