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  1. Michael, Appears you didn't bother reading what I posted since I clearly posted the name of the file this program was stalling on which is used in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and it WAS NOT a ZIP file!!!!!!!!! Please see if you're able to provide the correct answer/fix or let me know how I can get a refund! Thanks so much for NOTHING!
  2. Since purchasing the professional I have yet to complete a scan once it reaches the file "index.sqlite". 429970 files scanned detected 158 17 hours plus scanning local drive C and usb 1tb drive but always stalls once it reaches the file "index.sqlite" on drive C . Will I have to totally remove Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox to be able to complete the scan? There is no mention in any log regarding this file! I would like this issue resolved asap. Thanks, Mac
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