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  1. 1 GB Ram here. It seems that it just does not cooperate unless I close everything such as skype, firefox and thunderbird. This was the last time it lagged badly, not the time at the bottom right:
  2. In the meantime, your second problem of having updates failing seems to be similar to mine...maybe a reinstall might help?
  3. Wow, a lot has happened so let me try and distill it. After logging on as an admin, I received a new problem. Whenever I right click the “bug” icon, no menu appears. I’d wait for 15 minutes at a time not doing anything else on the computer, and nothing happens. After a reinstall and a reboot, this happened: So after a 2nd try, the reinstall worked but the problem still persisted, so I did a virus scan which showed nothing. The problem was finally fixed after another reboot and it seems to work fine now...but all that was detected was some more flash cookies...should I be worried?
  4. So superantispyware has been working great, catching some flash cookies too, but it takes forever to update! Here's a current pic, clocking at 3 hours now: Last time, I just rebooted it. Might it have to do something with the fact that I'm using the guest account of a computer? The friend who recommended and installed it that he said it would work for all users. Edit: I would also like to add that I can't close the program manually. Clicking the X button in the update window does nothing, and trying to click anything on the main window causes the update window to flash to draw attention to itself instead.
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