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    A 'green' habit.

    I only lick from cLean plates.. you do not expect to get food on a dirty plate, I expect. As for time, its only relevance as I SEE it, is whether the food is still edible or desirable.
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    Some Moosik - please add to

    New fantasy then olde fantasy
  3. elspeth


    A good explanation for the term 'potted thinking'
  4. elspeth

    Some Moosik - please add to

    This song humorously highlights Scottish and British/English kitsch
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    Please post any cartoon you like...
  6. elspeth

    The Spammers.

    Rather than trying to analyse why and where the spammers function, I would like to look at one spam in detail;here is one that I received today: Alleged source Tesco.com - actual source, inf@tec.com Destination of Clicking Click here to Register - > hxxx://asociacioncostarricensedeescritoras(dot)com/ace/acr.htm&urlHash=-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Now the domain of asociacioncostarricensedeescritoras.com is "The Costa Rican Association of Writers (ACE) was founded in 2000 by a group of recognized writers. Currently it brings together more than fifty narrators, poets, playwrights and essayists.", sounds innocuous enough, but can anyone educate us to what that 'htm&urlHash=-1.584073577151696E-255' does? I know e-mail headers can be forged and you can actually receive e-mail from your own e-mail address ( which has happened to me on more than one occasion!), and maybe enlighten us as to why unforgeable e-mail formats have not (?) been made and are not used? PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT GOING TO THE DESTINATION THE Click to Register WAS TRYING TO CONN ME TO GO TO AS IT MAY BE DAMAGING TO YOUR COMPUTER ! I will now forward said e-mail to Tesco to warn them and then delete it.
  7. elspeth

    The Spammers.

    The start of 2016 will be keeping GuiltySpark busy with this onslaught of spamming in late January, some utilising non-English language and the latest(31st Jan) a lengthy French Stock/Share promoting version linking to French and Japanese sites. Advertising... seems us humans can't live [effectively??] without it. It brings to mind one of my favourite Sci-fi short stories, which I think should be read by/to and then discussed openly with all schoolkidsgoers, by Frederik Pohl, a two parter short story "The Wizards of Pung's Corners" and it's followup, "The Waging of the Peace" . Here is someone else's summary It is a humourous interpretation of the way Advertising can dominate us. And also touches on the 'machines taking over' If anyone doubts the insidious ubiquity of advertising in contemporary societies, try counting the incidences of advertising you are subjected to daily. You may be suprised. {and that is what all this spam is about > m o n e y } Like sexual reproduction, maybe we need 'advertising' on some level to survive ???
  8. elspeth

    The Spammers.

    Wow GuiltySpark, the spammers are certainly coming thick and fast this August[2015]: seems the odd one is not directly trying to solicit business, but looking for some form of self-expression.(?) Maybe they are lonely souls drawn to the fame SUPERAntiSpyware now enjoys as a top malware tool(which the current Wikipedia entry somewhat belies and is surely due a Wiki Update) and so 'celebrity culture' has drawn many oddbods. Interesting choice of beliefs GuiltySpark, maybe influencing your avatar { ; - ) I did follow 'The Druids of Caledon' on facebook for a while but never made it to their regular ceremonies in a local park, and the nearest I got to Ásatrú was my love of the Marvel comix 'Thor', a love that has always remained with me. My own views are 'not knowing' how or why we are here, and indeed those questions may be even irrelevant albeit interesting, but I attempt to never sneer or mock what others believe; I think 100% of anything is rare and so I could not rule out 'fairies at the bottom of the garden' and humanity itself might just be an irrelevant side-effect/anomaly. I am not sure how 'Positive Thinking' quite fits into this, but I like it anyway
  9. elspeth

    The Spammers.

    Hullo GuiltySpark seems a high point in bogus new members joining for business reasons. I wonder if it is the warm weather summer-wise Northern hemisphere. I heard what I think is best quotes for many, many moons on another forum I frequent and the discussion was about 'God' and was there any tangible proof of a Creator of the universe... no proof FOR or AGAINST was forthcoming, but one poster just replied using this quote: It is by Blaise Pascal a Frenchman that died young (39) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaise_Pascal He also had a kind of eternal insurance called Pascal's Wager - kind of hedging your bet. Please do let us know of your own 'beliefs' reader, if you want, but ayway keep up the sterling work GuiltySpark and have a good summer.
  10. elspeth

    The Spammers.

    Hi folk. I thought we could have a discussion around spammers; many of you - especially long term members - may have noticed the prevalence of phoney e-mail that this section of the forum attracts and that it seems to come in periodical waves - sometimes masses in short time periods, sometimes on or two(+?) in short periods and then big gaps of time when we are spam free. Why is there this distribution of spam, and why to this forum ? I am a member of several forums and use many websites were comments are encouraged on articles they have featured. Most of the social forums that are 'user generated' are spam free and that may be because they are moderated in real time ie ALL posts are viewed by moderator(s) before being allowed to enter the forum - and I know that this is NOT the case as probably all of the social forums I use, instantly post my message and they seem spam free forums as far as I can tell. Some forums moderate the first few posts you make, then, if no problems, your posts become instantaneous there too. Some newspaper, on line news etc forums were contributers are asked to comment on articles/stories that they produce, do occassionally have spam adverts visible, but this is very few and far between in my experience. So why do we attract so much spam, is there a pattern in where the spam originates ( Eastern Europe, America, China etc ) , does it work - produce sales for the spammer, and then the more interesting aspects for me : how does advertising affects us - consciously and subconsciously ? is advertising really cost effective OR something more sinister ? - I have serious doubts that some advertising is cost effective and either some advertisers take a loss and this is 'acceptable' to them because they are convinced that they must do it or things would be worst saleswise or there are hidden subsidies/pressures to conform. Comments welcome, but please, no spam !
  11. elspeth

    A 'green' habit.

    Hiya GuiltySpark, been a while and your video is kaput. You have your work cut out with all these advert posters recently, they seem to come in waves. ( and tongues.) Had a few folk 'Like' my opening post but no-one ever commented on it. It is still my habit to lick my plates clean, I picked up the habit years ago when camping and visiting various mountain bothy/bothies. I thought that I would widen the discussion with the hope of getting a comment eventually: I have long thought how we in the Developed world so easily adopt new norms and basically take so much for granted, so my idea is to make people appreciate W.C.s... water closets that most of us sit on daily and take totally for granted, so everyone over the age of sixteen should be made to crap and piss into a bucket 3 days out of every year although they can be pampered those 3 days by being allowed to use toilet paper. They of course would also be responsible for emptying the bucket, but only at the end of the third day.
  12. Hi folk. For maybe a year now every time that I open SAS free I get a SAS pop up in the system tray/notification area bottom RHS next to clock, telling me a Product Update is Available, and 99.?% of the time there is none available; this happens on 3 different machines, 2 running Win7 one running Win8.1 Anyone get this too ? Any easy solution ?
  13. elspeth

    Free realtime-scanners

    Hi, n0- insp. Try the Comodo firewall along with MSE or Avira etc. Just install the Firewall, NOT the Comodo Dragon browser etc et http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-install-comodo-firewall.htm
  14. elspeth

    internet explorer hijacked by sweetpacks.com.

    Hello airene. If you have removed sweetpacks.com as you say, open up Control Panel > General and check under 'Homepage' if sweetpacks.com has hijacked your home page, if so delete it and change it to what you desire or ''Use Default'.......... you may have to do this for all your browsers so check. Then run a Windows Search using the term 'sweetpacks.com' to see if any remnants remain.
  15. elspeth

    News in Brief

    Thanks for posting those links, of which I am only at point 2, " Why are you scared of the cloud?" - well I am not scared of it, but anyone who believes Japanese Trend Micro's statement could kindly post here and state why anyone would use the cloud is it wasn't to store data.