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  1. 6/17/12 at 4:19CST. I also had a "Trojan.Agent/Gen_Decay" finding from SAS. I had the time & had done things a bit differently since I wanted to know how long the different scan options would take. I updated SAS (only 7 days old). I ran a complete SAS scan with the option for not checking anything modified before the last 30 days. I deleted the 63 items found. I ran a quick scan. Found nothing. I then ran a 2nd complete scan and unchecked the 30 day option, which allowed checking modifications older than 30 days. This is when SAS found the Trojan.Agent/Gen_Decay item.

    The two items found under Gen_Decay had the following data which I list without regards to trying to get caps correct: c:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe Reader 10.0...\reader_SL.EXE and the second items read: c:\Windows\Installer\$patchcache&\MA...Reader_SL.EXE. These were under the heading something like, "Critical threat. These items should be removed from your computer immediately."

    I removed both items and rebooted the computer. Unlike some readers, after the reboot, I am still able to connect to the internet and my time/date display in Win7 as they normally do. Everything seems to be working normally. For the heck of it I then ran another complete SAS scan, including items modified more than 30 days ago with these findings: The scan took about 4 minutes longer than normal. Two tracking cookies were found, which is a case of SAS telling on itself since the only site I had connected to since the last scan & reboot was the SAS site. SAS does have an issue for which it needs to follow up & fix but, at least in my case, deleting the items found did not seem to have any negative effects.

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