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  1. SAS has not surfaced the malware folks tell me must be on my computer. I get pop-up ads on sites that do not allow advertising. Admins on these sites tell me the problem is on MY computer. How to find it and get rid of it? I use SAS Pro . Are there other programs I can use that would not require that I uninstall SAS before runing a similar product.? Thanks in advance for advice,' Bahb
  2. Could the unticking be done by Malware that SAS doesn't find? I have malware on my computer that is popping-up ads on every blog i go to. Siteowners tell me it is malware on my machine. SAS doesn't find it. If SAS can change our settings, I would assume malware can change our settings too. Just guessing. Bahb
  3. SAS Customer Service, back at the beginning of April, reported this as a False Positive. So an Updated version of SAS apparently requires something more than a fix over a weekend.. Since my SAS wasn't working and, via the trouble ticket, they had me uninstall then download an updated version which contains this same false positive, the trouble ticket is still open and I've asked for an explanation as to why the FP they knew about in April has not been fixed.. However, I think it strange they would have me download a version of the program they KNOW will yield a FP wihtout telling me it is false. I highly resent the time I spent investigating it. It's a worriesome situation when a company with a sterling reputation is so unresponsive to a problem like this. Bahb
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