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  1. By the way, I had deleted those files that was detected by SAS.. Should I reinstall my Adobe Reader??
  2. I hope SAS will fix this issue.. Thanks for the help guys.. I feel relieved..
  3. Hi guys,I am new around this forum ... I was scanning my computer last 1 hour and SAS detected Trojan.Agent/Gen-Decay in these files: - C:\PROGRAM FILES\ADOBE\READER 10.0\READER\READER_SL.EXE - C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\$PATCHCACHE$\MANAGED\68AB67CA7DA73301B744AA0100000010\10.1.0\READER_SL.EXE - C:\Windows\Prefetch\READER_SL.EXE-E503013B.pf My antivirus couldn,t detected it,even with full scan.. is it a false positive?? Thanks for helping..
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