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  1. Yea, that link stuff works. But what about enginears who have bought theyre license? Shouldnt they have working software? Just hope free version removes all the detected spyware. Any idea how much costs enginear license?
  2. I have AVG free edition. I scaned files with it and afg doesnt seam to protest. I even added com file launch folder to AVG shield exceptions list - no changes. And the same download with the same version in this web is litle bit less then 7 mb heavy, but on filehippo it is litle more then 16 mb? o.O P.s. I havent launched filehippo version yet.
  3. I launch that com fail and i get this: "SUPERAntiSpyware definition database is outdated"... So you can see that its imposible for me to luanch this portable app at all. In forums i red that it could be cause of some bad build. mabey devs can look at it? I just wonder - dont they test that stuff before they send to web site? o.O That bad build stuff was long time ago. One could think that they have fixed that error, but here I am...
  4. Atleast Portable version should work. Its described as tool for using without installing. I told already that it gives error - "SUPERAntiSpyware definition database is outdated"... but i downloaded the newest version.
  5. Windows 7 (free, after that portable) and Windows xp (free version). Doesnt work on either.
  6. Hy all! I tried to install SUPERAntiSpyware free edition, but no luck - i got some file copy error. Then I tried to use https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=71 suggested SASSAFERUN.COM , but no luck - i got definition database outdated error. I tried this on more then one computer and result is the same. Is this product dead?
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