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  1. Help, please! Hi guys. First time posting here, thanks for a great resource. My HP Pavilion laptop has been going berserk and getting worse. Avast, I think, found Win32 PUP and quarantined it but nothing improved, to the contrary. Laptop was running great until reboot and then all hell broke loose again. I found that win32 PUP can "resurrect" itself during reboot. I ran the Free edition last night and it found nothing. It was recommended to me to run it again in Safe Mode. I am running the free edition right now, in SAFE MODE, on the highest power setting. In the first 2 minutes, it found 1 Adware Tracking cookie and 66 (!) Secirity.HiJack. BUT... it has been running, in Safe Mode, for 5 hours now! It's not crashed, because I can see names of different files being scanned "running" under Scanning Progress , but 5 hours? Even on an older laptop?.. It hasn't detected any threats after the 67 it got in the first two minutes of the scan. Is it at all possible to run that long or do you think it's the malware making it go in circles? What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance!
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