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  1. I tried to explore that scenario, but I can't, because "Internet browser tracking cookies" are almost always (and since your reply) the only Items which SAS finds. Today I'm on ver 6.0.1100
  2. First time a scan completed with ver 6.0.1090, when I let SAS close FF31 to apply the scan results, FF31 crashed. FWIW I use the Firefox addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/session-manager/
  3. A lot of things can hang an operating system. As long as yours is idle, you might want to boot to a CD to run RAM diagnostics, and to run hard drive diagnostics (a good option is to use boot a CD of the diagnostic program by the hard drive's manufacturer).(A weeks ago I was surprised to find my system was hanging when a SAS scan got to a NON-system (i.e. not my boot drive) hard drive, because that hard drive showed errors (also surprising, the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test showed no errors on that drive, but HD Tune did. I feel confident it was hardware because rolling back my OS months didn't help, and replacing the hard drive [under warranty] resolved the issue.)
  4. Maybe (you want to uninstall/reinstall Reader). Might depend whether you like Reader's Speed Launcher functionality (which I've always disabled the Startup of, so I'm tempted to manually delete those files). Depending, and if Reader functions without those files, you might leave it as-is.Basically, Adobe Reader Speed Launcher starts with Windows, so that when you want to open a pdf it happens quicker. Personally I don't want my system to take on that overhead until I want to open a pdf. "Adobe Reader Speed Launcher...automatically starts upon log-in or start-up of your Windows PC. It runs only once at start-up or log-in and quickly opens and closes all the files Adobe Reader will use when it starts. This is done so the files are already pre-included in your system's memory when you choose to use the Adobe Reader application."
  5. Ditto. On both of my (XP Pro) machines. I submitted it as a (suspected) false positive. Not that I want Reader's Speed Launcher functionality, which I've always disabled the Startup of (which makes me wonder what it's doing in Prefetch).
  6. That did it, thank you very much!
  7. Today's new version 5.0.1148 of SUPERAntiSpyware installed perfectly on one XP Pro computer, but on another (with the same .exe file) I get a "SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition Setup has encountered a problem and needs to close...please tell Microsoft...Send Error Report". It gives me a window (but not one I can highlight and post the contents of) to scroll through info about the process. (I did save a temp file that doesn't look as useful [it details my installed programs], though.) I tried running the installer again after I did an uninstall first (with Revo Uninstaller). Same problem. Please help, I love SUPERAntiSpyware!!
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