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  1. Okay, and what can I do about the SAS Update application error message I keep on getting when I turn on my computer?
  2. okay, and yes it's the same version. I had a much older version when these problems started, I think it was 5.1 or something, but when I updated SAS to this new version, the problem was still there.
  3. okay, and that reminds me, when I scanned with SAS and it found the Trojan, it had also found around 120 adware tracking cookies. SAS told me to reboot so it could remove the virus and when it restarted, the trojan was in the quarantine, but all those adware tracking cookies were gone. Were they automatically deleted or something? Because when I scanned using my other software, it didn't find that much adware.
  4. No, I probably won't use the Kodak program anymore. Should I uninstall it? okay, will keeping XP after that date be a big issue?
  5. use my computer in the future or the Kodak program? and This is actually the first time I'm hearing that about XP!
  6. It's for a camera. I haven't used the program in a long time, and no, it's not wireless. I don't have anything wireless on my computer actually. and I already have malwarebytes and it hasn't found anything. It never finds anything lol
  7. C:\PROGRAM FILES\KODAK\KODAK EASYSHARE SOFTWARE\BIN\LOCESUIWIRLESS.DLL Since the problem first started, I would get the error message every time I would turn on my computer, but there have been a few times where there is no message and SAS works fine, but it is back to the same problem again. I'm just confused as to why it would be not working one time, fine the next and back again. I've noticed that when my modem only has the "Power" "Ethernet" and "DSL" lights "on" with no light on for the "Internet", when I turn on my computer i'm greeted with the SAS update application error message. I've checked the Local Area Connection and there is a connection, it's just that I can't connect to the internet until I reset my modem. (When all four lights on my modem are "on", I don't receive an error message when I turn on my computer.)
  8. I checked for some help on the Norton forums and they didn't seem to find any problems related to my Norton Antivirus. Could it be due to malware that's causing problems for SAS? I recently found a Trojan.Agent/Gen-Faker[desc] in a scan with SAS and it quarantined it, but I haven't found anything else. Could there be more trojans that all my software can't detect? Also, could it be an issue with my firewall? (but there have been times when I've turned on my computer and there wasn't an error message for SAS, so personally I don't think it is a firewall problem)
  9. Thanks, I'll take care of it right away
  10. Nope, nothing else is running when I try to update SAS. But I just checked Norton's full security history and It was Blocking "Unauthorized access by SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE" also blocked msiexec.exe and drwtsn32.exe
  11. Norton AntiVirus and i guess just the basic Windows Firewall (I also have Malwarebytes)
  12. The internet's connected again, but SAS still doesn't update
  13. Turned on my Computer this morning and the same thing happened. I was greeted with a message saying the SAS Update application encountered a problem and needs to close. Tried the internet and it was disconnected. Tried SAS updates and they failed.
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