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  1. I updated definitions again today. I was about to give up when the update screen finished working after 10 minutes, the longest update segment seemed to be for 'Processing Core definitions'. While the pc didn't freeze this time, any other action I attempted on it (eg Task Manager) was extremely slow even though the only program running was SAS. Even after the def's completed with SAS still loaded but not scanning, there was still an appreciable time lag in pc performance before it 'cleared' and ran as normal. I don't have Real Time protection enabled. These later versions of the program seem to run very slowly.
  2. Success! (I think) I've just d/loaded SAS again and re-installed it. Used 'custom' install and unchecked all but 'check for def updates' on completion. The splash screen and 'bug' appeared and after 5 minutes the full SAS screen appeared and the pc ran freely. I then clicked on 'Check for updates' to see what would happen and got ... Checking for authentication - complete Checking for definition updates - complete Definitions are up to date - complete The 'bug' logo had a small 'blue' circle on it during this period which remained there until I clicked 'close' on the def update window. I thought it must be still working and checking something but after 5min nothing else was added to the list so I 'closed' the window and the 'blue' circle disappeared. Would that be the complete check list or was there something else being checked? Anyhow, seems it's working now though the checking process seems to take a while. Thanks for the replies.
  3. 500MB RAM Avast anti virus, Zemana antilogger and PCTools Firewall Plus Windows XP Pro, Firefox 15.0.1 I've tried running SAS in safe mode as well though, so those programs wouldn't have been running at the time. I'm wondering if there is something that is causing the SAS loading process to loop?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Guilty Spark. However, as sdept found, clicking on the 'bug' does nothing. Also, I cannot access Task Manager when SAS is running as everything is frozen except the hard drive which appears to keep running continuously. I tried running SAS with nothing else (no browser, email etc) but same problem. I also tried running it in Safe Mode as said before. I tried uninstalling and re-installing - same problem. Thanks for the suggestion Protection. That's not possible though as nothing can be accessed once SAS is started - not even its own menu.
  5. Having a problem with SAS freezing my computer every time I attempt to run it. (latest version free edition) When I activate it the splash screen shows briefly and then the 'bug' icon appears in the screen tray. The hard drive then begins working continuously and everything freezes up. Clicking on the icon does nothing and no other programs can be used. I have to close down my pc with the 'power off' button. When I restart my pc normally, SAS loads automatically and again everything freezes with the hard drive working continuously. This has been up to ten plus minutes before I give up and restart. I tried running SAS in safe mode but again the same freeze problem. I had to power off, restart again in Safe mode and remove SAS. With SAS removed there is no problem. I have Widows XP Pro. Firefox 15.0.1 Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Update. I have found that these two reg entries pertain to a program I have installed called 'Anvir Taskmanager' (an alternative to Microsoft's Taskmanager) Have submitted as false positives.
  7. Running Superantispyware 5.0.1146 Windows XP A scan comes up with two reg hits.... HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Currentversion...\TASKMgr.exe HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Currentversion...\TASKMgr.exe#Debugger I have located taskmgr.exe in the Win/sys32 folder. Aren't these required for Microsofts 'Task Manager' (Ctr/Alt/Del) ? So would these scan results be false positives? Thanks for any advice. .
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