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  1. Yes, same as you very unusual to go this long without Definition updates expect 1 day or so without any. So not sure what's going on or happening unless something to do with last program update.
  2. Hi Guys Today i had the latest update SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1236 on my Windows XP desktop and downloaded it but i received a warning from Norton Internet Security that the following file SONAR.AM.Clgl was not SAFE and must be removed (Recommended) which i have done. Has anyone else had problems with this latest SuperantiSpyware update please.
  3. I have the new Free Version 6 it's good but please sort the database updates out. Seems to be stuck on database version 11436 dated 13/08/14 I'm showing database 11441 but with NO or dated info thanks.
  4. For me to needs sorting, have correct database but that's it NO info on new database
  5. Hi My database is now 11441 cannot get any info regarding new updates keeps showing the database for 11436 dated 13/08/14 never used to be like this what's going on.
  6. Same here but my Core reading has gone back to 5134 and my Trace has gone back to 2946 of 03/04/12 This is my first post so hello to everyone
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