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  1. From what im hearing it might be a Rootkit because it will mess up your internet and other servers Honestly,I do not know how to handle this problem
  2. Superantispyware should have at least 1 more pro product and don't get me making a conversation about making it. Ill let you decide on the price.
  3. Superantispyware and I had the wrong threat its Trojan.Agent,Filedanger7
  4. I cannot get this virus called 4D.issue9.Trojan and It will not leave anything to try I scanned 5 times and still cannot get it off.
  5. I needed a scan on my computer due to super lag,and about 3 minutes SUPERAntiSpyware is a thret on SUPERAntiSpyware it said this SuperAntiSpyware.Fedi.3 Adware.tracking.cookie Trojan.Agent
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