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  1. Windows. I don't see any office programs installed at all actually.
  2. I just ran it in safe mode but SAS says the system is clean. I ran Malwarebytes right after it though and this is what it detected. C:\Windows\System32\EXPLORER.EXE.del (Heuristics.Reserved.Word.Exploit) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. C:\Windows\SysWOW64\EXPLORER.EXE.del (Heuristics.Reserved.Word.Exploit) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
  3. Hi, I am working on a persons dual boot system. It boots Linux Mint 12 and Windows 7. After looking at Windows/update it seems the Windows is a pirated version as it is missing certain information. This is what I did to scan windows for malware. I used SUPERantispyware, along with other apps on windows itself to scan. None of them detected anything. I booted into the Linux partiton and installed SUPERantispyware with Wine (Windows program emulator) to scan the Windows 7 partiton from within linux mint. So far it detected and says it has quarintened 1. Trojan.Dropper/Sys-explorerFake 2. Trojan.Dropper/Win-NV 3. Trojan.Dropper/SVCHost-Fake 4. Trojan.SVCHost/Fake 5. System.BrokenFileAssosciation After rerunning it though it still detects Trojan.Dropper/Sys-ExplorerFake and Tojan.Dropper/Win-NV
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