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  1. I'm thoroughly locked out of this computer. I,m only allowed to log in as guest, even in safe mode. My old admin password doesn't work anymore. I've tried using some command prompts to access passwords but I get the system error 5. Access denied.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I downloaded the file to usb stick without unetbootin and booted my other computer in safe mode. I then went to the file clicked on it and a pop up came up stating that: "This program must be run from an administrator account." If there were a trojan or other malware would they be able to block me in safe mode? I'd welcome any advice.
  3. I have a desktop with xp. I'm pretty sure I have a trojan, am locked out for lack of admin privilages. I can start it in safe mode. I have SAS portable scanner on a usb dongle. I inserted it into a usb slot after booting into safe mode. Nothing happens. I checked in "my computer" and the dongle shows up and has lots of files installed on it. I clicked on them all , one at a time, and no luck. I also tried changing the boot order in bios but it won't boot. I installed SAS on the dongle using UNetbootin. Will your download work in UNetbootin if it isn't an ISO file? How do I get the scanner to run? Thanks.
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