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  1. Good evening everyone, Like the last couple of posters, I ended up with a Trojan Agent/Gen-Decay warning during a Quick SAS scan earlier today. Prior to the SAS scan, it opened a dialog box telling me I had not updated in two days...which I knew to be inaccurate as i update EVERY, SINGLE, DAY, as well as, run at least ONE or more quick scans as well!. I've left the items in Quarantine for now, since back in April...SAS picked up a Sirefef Trojan infection and after it was supposedly removed & my computer rebooted...I discovered I no longer had ANY Internet connection at all! The "removal" process managed to delete the Windows ipsec.sys driver file ...hence the reason for no Internet connectivity. Ended up having to expend $123.00 at a computer repair shop just to get my machine back up and running! This "running into trojans issue" with SAS is fast becoming VERY disquieting! * ALSO...PLEASE fix your upload server! I tried to upload a .jpeg file containing a screenshot of the SAS trojan warnings, but despite the fact my file is less than 100k (well under the stated 500k maximum allowed here)...your server kept saying, "Error: The server returned an error during upload". I really DON'T need any further frustrating issues with SAS today! Thank you for your time and review of these issues.
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