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  1. a scan log was posted above from VirusTotal.com it is in URL form so that it they can re-analize the file at any time the exe file is also attached with my offer to give my source to them to resolve this issue!!!
  2. Alright, its been about a month now... Who do I contact in your company to get this flag removed or atleast get a reply? You're looking pretty bad when you can't even post replies on your own forums! Maybe you should look into oursourcing a few english speaking people to read this post! If you notice only your software has flagged my program, and you seemly have a crap responce team. Great work on loosing customers and poor customer support!
  3. I dont understand how my program is being flagged as [Trojan.Agent/Gen-Cryptor[Egun]] If needed I will be willing to submit all my VB6 Code and the original EXE https://www.virustotal.com/file/a0bcc7a7dcbafed22e614964c2cec4f856ea188f0a00377c0b9e73e6bf6d84f9/analysis/1329335924/ Here are the Virus Total.com Reports! Please tell me what I can do to remove this flag its making me look bad as a developer ION 8\'s Voice Activated - PT v10.1+ R2.zip My Program is attached, its written in VB6. Please re-analize my program and or tell me what has triggered this problem
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