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  1. You might want to try running a full "Chkdsk" on the hard drive. Drive corruption and bad/unreadable sectors can cause errors like you are experiencing. I would also recommend testing your memory. Memory issues can mimic a drive issue.
  2. Usually, I would suspect something with the last addition to the system when the problem became apparent. Two key phrases come to mind. Windows XP and 3.0 Terabyte drive. You called it an "Eastgate", but I will assume it to be a "Seagate". Even though Seagate claims that their External USB drives will work with Windows XP, there may be issues with certain controllers or hardware. Windows XP usually will not natively support drives larger than about 2.19 Terabytes. Most external USB drives over 2.2 Terabytes that support Windows XP, do so with special hardware. There are sometimes compatibility issues with host controllers and/or drivers. I have worked around a few issues by installing a different USB 3.0 controller and/or updating drivers. One time reformatting and partitioning a drive was required to resolve an issue. I would suggest contacting Seagate, or browsing their forums for a solution, if the above recommendations from Michael do not resolve the issue.
  3. Check to be sure there are no proxy settings that aren't required. It would be found in your network connection configurations. No idea what version of Windows you are running, but poke around and you'll find it. Usually found by opening Internet Exploder, clicking the "tools" tab, clicking the connections tab, then "Lan" settings. If a proxy is not required, uncheck the box in front of the proxy server selection. Be sure your IP settings are correct. If you have a router, be sure you are set to connect to the proper network IP. IE: Static IP, DHCP, Gateway, etc. You can usually view the settings by opening a command prompt and typing "ipconfig /all" then enter at the command line. Leave off the quotes.
  4. Thanks guys, New versions appear to be working and updating. Now for a few false positives, then we'll be OK. I'll put them through the proper channels when I confirm them. Clients just updated to new versions and they are working fine as well.
  5. amwmedia "Cynical" and "Sarcastic". "Harsh" is a bit tougher. If you can't tell, I'm born and raised on the East Coast of the USA. Can you guess where? Think Attitude! Exactly what is the workaround for the portable edition that you claimed was working? Is using an outdated set of definitions acceptable? I tried rolling the date back on my system and it did not work. Even if it did, the definitions are still out of date. I just spoke to one of my clients that actually has the paid versions. According to them, they are not updating, but they are still scanning. If the issue still exists Wednesday evening, I'll be there, on site, to take a look. I just tried the portable download again and no love yet. If it's broken, say so. Don't claim it's fixed when it isn't. The Emperor may have new clothes, but he still looks bare naked to me. If it were me, I'd escalate this issue to a higher priority, sort of like the aforementioned false positive issues. Files obtained here: https://www.superantispyware.com/index.html and Here: https://www.superantispyware.com/portablescanner.html . Tried three different browsers and cleared temp files before the last attempts. Used different systems and connections too! Good luck gents! I'll stop in from time to time and see how you are doing. In the meantime, I'm glad I have several alternatives that are still working.
  6. Wow, I got an email telling me it's working now. Tried it again and it's still broken? Do your support guys actually try it out to see if it's working? Other editions not updating either? Not feeling the warm and fuzzies, guys. If it was "Fixed 2/10" , How come it's still not working? I had a dog that was fixed, and he lost functionality. Define "Fixed". Please excuse my cynicism, but it remains broken and it appears it's not just the portable edition either. This might be an appropriate response for 4/1, but it isn't April Fool's day yet. Can someone actually try it out and verify that it does work? Make sure you get it from the "web" and not the "Intranet".
  7. It's still broken. Has been since about 2/9/2012. Time to get busy and fix it? Yes I know, "What do you expect for Free?". Question is, how much confidence would I have in the "pay" products. I've seen other "free" products fixed in a matter of an hour or so. What kind of an answer is "Hopefully it will be sorted out by Monday?" Am I to understand that any malware that makes a debut on a weekend would be ignored until Monday? What about a serious false positive that crashes systems? Can you enlighten me as to what kind of staffing you have in place to correct issues on a 24/7 basis? Not trying to be unappreciative or overly critical, but these kinds of issues cause a serious lack of confidence in ALL products from a vendor. If you can't support the free stuff properly, don't offer it, since it makes you look bad when you don't.
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