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  1. 2 days ago I was using AVG + Spybot. Started receiving messages from "internet security 2012". Immediately I noticed it was a fake antivirus, so I used "taskkill" in safe mode and, after, deleted the internet security file. But since my previous logoff (before the fake antivirus appeared), the night before, the computer started saying it could not close "jmll85iuwu.exe". Even after internet security was removed I was still receiving that message. I noticed that the process was active. Used the "taskkill" command in safe mode and this worked, but after I could not delete, rename or move the file. I've made an internet search and only found information for this with superantispyware. Downloaded the program and scanned. It detected "jmll85iuwu.exe" as infected and found another files apparently releated to it. I could not delete them either, nor exclude the registry entries. And although SAS was saying that the problem was fixed, the files were never deleted. So I went do DOS prompt. Deleted the files through it. Scanned again. SAS detected the register entries and fixed. After rebooting and trying again, pc now seems clean! Thanks, SAS! I was starting to punch the pc! Now I will for sure get rid of spybot and change to SAS pro! PS: nprotect gameguard did not let me start any game when the pc was infected. Only after removing EVERYTHING it worked again.
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