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  1. Thanks for the reply. I did all of the above and during the scan SAS found 1 trojan, 1 heur and several adware tracking cookies. It seems the program then closed itself without any input from me. When I reopened SAS it says the last scan was an hour ago, yet shows nothing in the logs or the quarantine.
  2. For background I have been getting "Windows Search Indexer has stopped working" errors for a week or so before this. I had the same thing happen as the OP yesterday after 2 complete scans, both of which found 3 trojans (gen-start page). SAS would freeze and stay hazy so that I could read it and see the scan results, but would have to be closed by windows. This happened running version 4.56.1000. Thanks for any help, sorry to bump an old post if that is frowned upon in your forum.
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