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  1. Hi Joe thank you for your prompt reply, I realise I am in good hands it is just frustrating when these little beggers get through I seem to spend more time scanning and cleaning than actually using my computer for what I want it for. Cheers.
  2. Hi I recently paid to upgrade to SAS professional because I was impressed how many bugs where being removed daily, so I thought an upgrade would give me real time protection? Yesterday I knew something was wrong because how slow my computer was working, so I used SAS to do a scan and it found a number of adware, nothing to worry about. But it was still slow so I did a custom scan of my documents and it found something called Heur.Agent/Gen-White Box ? on checking through google this is something called a false positive ? whatever that means? I am not very computer savvy, and it asked me to do a reboot? When I got back to it working again my computer was going haywire, something called Babylon had hijacked my browser and I could not navigate anywhere and I could see adware in my bottom left loading onto my computer? I have a programme I use called "Spybot search and destroy" I ran this programme and it took awhile and found "Babylon tool" (112), Chameleon (10) and Tradedoubler (1) another 123 bugs? I had to reboot again and it took while 0400 in the morning to clear my computer? Why did a free programme find them when SAS could not? and how do they get in through real time protection , a firewall and antivirus protection???
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