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  1. The Home group icon is a bug in Windoze though not necessarily a dangerous one see here for things to try (only try the registry change as a last resort). Not every program can / will pick up all malware it all depends on definitions created for that particular piece and whether or not it's been classed as malware, some things are simply Optimizers which aren't really malware but are snake oil so they may not be picked up.
  2. Run the scan again and then select Clean to remove all the checked items. Attach the log file after.
  3. Hi Janedoe, Can you run a scan with adwcleaner clean all it finds and attach the log file in your next post. Thanks
  4. Glad you got it sorted (hopefully), if it shows up again can you right click the program and select properties, check the file location. Open up the file location and within SAS select Submit Malware Sample it can then be added to the PUP list. I'm sure Gabe will take a look at it and add it when he sees this post so keep checking back. I'll keep this thread open just in case.
  5. In task manager select CPU column to get highest running processes and just take a pic of those.
  6. The forum was glitching a couple of times due to background work I think, most of it seems to have settled down now. I'll keep this thread open for a while so if it happens again you can post back. Thanks for the update.
  7. Hi janedoe, Sorry about that I thought you had solved the issue. I have reopened this thread and merged your post. Can you open up task manager and take a pic of what's running and attach it in your next post. Thanks.
  8. Does it show up in System Investigator? Does it show in the list of Installed Programs?
  9. Are you sure you checked the ProgramFilesx86 folder and not the ProgramFiles folder? You should have two.
  10. I haven't used FF in years I found it too bloated with unnecessary widgets, I favour Pale Moon these days, used to have Adblock Latitude and Ghostery although the latest version of PM breaks Ghostery install due to lack of SDK / JetPack. As for search engines PM has removed Google from its listing in favour of DDG by default. I have also tried in the past IXQuick and StartPage.
  11. I would keep an eye on it for now to see if you can get as much of info as possible especially trying to open it up, this should tell us more about it. What AntiMalware product picked it up?
  12. If it was a legit file used by a program integrated into the system then it's a possibility instability could arise, maybe what's the OS?
  13. I have seen these before usually to do with PUPs like Conduit and White Smoke, on some occasions legit programs can create these for their program functions. You could try resetting your browser settings. The next time you find a END file open it with Notepad to see what it says.
  14. Hi BenK You can use it on another machine as long as you deactivate / deregister on the old machine first. https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=90 If you cannot get access to the program to deregister please open a support ticket. https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html Thanks.
  15. Hi Toller I had a similar issue years ago when BD free stopped syncing with the server so updates became impossible, after sending log files to BD they advised me to remove SAS too which I did and there was no change for me so in the end I moved to Avira Never had a problem since. So I think the issue is with a BD update that breaks things from time to time, a shame because I did like BD. SAS is designed to work alongside a AV whether it be the free version or pro but most AV vendors tend to say the same thing BD never could explain to me why or where in the BD log I sent them it stated SAS was to blame, eventually they ignored me so as I say I changed AVs.
  16. Hi Nikilet Can you create a support ticket Thanks
  17. As far as I know it's an annual fee unless you have a previous lifetime license (not offered anymore).
  18. As I haven't used XP or FF in a long time I have no idea if support is still going however you could try a manual update to see if there are still updates to go through https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/update-firefox-latest-version Remember the issue soon with all browsers on XP is they will no longer be able to access most sites due to new protocols.
  19. Hi ScreamingStrat What version of FF are you currently on? What Operating System?
  20. Can you display the URL of that page please?
  21. At present there is no FAQ however if you need to add an image it has to be a PNG file (direct from computer) drag it to where it says "Drag Files here to attach, or..." at the bottom of the text field when posting. The other alternative is to select "Insert Other Media" to the bottom right of the text field where you can choose from media already added (this may be removed as it seems pointless if you have no media already uploaded not sure SUPERsupport will know more on this), or select "Insert Image from URL" which involves turd third party weblinks.
  22. Hi Cat Can you create a support ticket so we can find where the issue may be www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html Thanks.
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