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  1. yea it's decentralised which is why you don't really hear of it. It was the same with TOR back in the day, the only reason people know about that now is because of the media landslide that happened when they started to talk about hackers using it. I've not used it so much but i'm sure it can be beneficial when centralised networks are 'repossessed' via mainstream control to cover things up or redact stories etc...
  2. Can you post a link as I don't know exactly what you're speaking of other than the Decentralised browser which is used more for advertising purposes. If this is the one you're talking about then it's probably because it's Decentralised and doesn't have a great deal of use with centralised search engines, it's a similar thing with LBRY.io
  3. Hi Diane, You could try checking in a few places. 1) System Investigator - select Use Custom Categories for This Report and select Windows User Startup, run the scan to see what shows up. 2) Scan Logs (although this may not tell you much but it's worth a try). 3) Real Time Protection area, it may show a list of start up changes.
  4. Scans for PUP's and various small non Malware related programs that may have been installed, often these are legit programs that have been installed via another programs download. This scans files that have recently been modified due to either malware or overwritten due to updates. Using this function will only scan those files not the entire system. Rescue scan is used when you have a heavily infected system whereby a large number of changes have been made to the system causing issues almost everywhere from browsers not opening to the correct page(s) set or if other programs are struggling to open for no reason whatsoever (usually malware related). It will set everything back to it's default setting depending which options you have chosen to correct.
  5. Hi skyboard Try clearing the browser cache first and see if the scan works afterwards
  6. Hi Xsile No it's not defunct but there have been a few changes with some people leaving and (I assume) different positions being filled so much of the old responders are no longer around (again I assume), plus the fact that many people no longer come to forums for their issues which I think is just to the Automotive nature of Win 10 (it self repairs). I can't answer what's happening here as I have nothing to do with the systems all I can suggest is you keep hassling the team until you can get your answer they usually ask for a diagnostic to see what's going on to stop the install, also another tip for yourself to try would be to open up Task Manager or Process Explorer (if you have it) to see what's happening during install as it may be another program preventing it. I tend to lock threads that are either out of date or have no input, as far as other members helping out it would be great but forums are a dying breed now sadly so no-one bothers. They are also locked to prevent spam bots from auto posting in an open field. Are you selecting Run As Admin before installing as usually this can bypass the UAC box.
  7. Hi godmode8 I'm happy to leave it up as it adds a debating point for members. Well if you're using the Inter-webs (which you are) then everything you do is being monitored so unless you were to go 'off grid' then tracking of any kind will always be an issue. Section 2 of that definition states Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer's operation without the knowledge of it's user. This is not actually the case as the user clearly has the choice not to install the extra's nor does Google take control of a computer without the knowledge of it's user. In the case of Section 1 and Section 3 see my answer / opinion from the second quote. (I should point out this is only my opinion and does not represent those of SAS or Support.com). Would this not also apply to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft, Apple, Banks, Building Societies and so on. The list is endless, so I re-iterate, unless someone goes 'off grid' there really is no way of not being tracked and monitored these days. I'm sure more members will no doubt have their own opinions on the subject, do I like having to Custom Install things? No. Do I like having to select 'Got It' or 'Accept / Deny' with each website I visit? No. But it does appear to be a part of the web trends that exist and can be vital for a company that wishes to make money by allowing such options into their programs. I wish I had a product that was so popular it was picked by a big company to pay me money for (essentially) advertising their product / company.
  8. I don't receive those logs as I don't work for SAS or Support.com so hopefully the team will find an answer for you.
  9. Does the error always happen at the same point of the scan?
  10. The number of valid licenses for the registration hes been exceeded. Sounds like it has been moved from computer to computer without de-registering on the other machines first.
  11. it should auto remove the file items usually these are just browsing cookies. best way is to clear your browser and run a second scan without surfing the net to see if the detections are still showing.
  12. Ok after rummaging round various settings, regedits, alternate starts etc, it appears to be built into the very application itself and is directly involved with support.com tech help this only showing on the free version however, the subscribed version is not affected. How long the ad(s) last for I have no idea it may be just until the next update but a member of the Admin team would know more. Sorry I can't be more help here.
  13. Can you take a screen shot of the offending article and upload it please.
  14. Sorry guys but at present I haven't been able to reproduce this issue can you give more feedback about the systems you're using.
  15. if its a single user license then the old code has to be deregistered from the original machine first.
  16. Hi ron try resetting the browser. http:// https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-reset-the-chrome-browser-back-to-its-default-settings/
  17. This is currently being looked into https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/8988-something-added-to-startup/
  18. No its only for Windows currently.
  19. General section as its a bug not malware. I run Vista and some others still use older versions of Windows so its good to know if it is only appearing on certain OS versions. I only use Vista as and when for certain software as I do not like 10 (this is my choice only not the viewpoint of everyone).
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