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    File items detected

    it should auto remove the file items usually these are just browsing cookies. best way is to clear your browser and run a second scan without surfing the net to see if the detections are still showing.
  2. GuiltySpark

    trojan.restore test in registry

    No outstanding issues that I can see.
  3. Ok after rummaging round various settings, regedits, alternate starts etc, it appears to be built into the very application itself and is directly involved with support.com tech help this only showing on the free version however, the subscribed version is not affected. How long the ad(s) last for I have no idea it may be just until the next update but a member of the Admin team would know more. Sorry I can't be more help here.
  4. Can you take a screen shot of the offending article and upload it please.
  5. Sorry guys but at present I haven't been able to reproduce this issue can you give more feedback about the systems you're using.
  6. GuiltySpark


    if its a single user license then the old code has to be deregistered from the original machine first.
  7. You need to post some info for us to work with
  8. GuiltySpark

    Pdfconverterhub malware

    Hi ron try resetting the browser. http:// https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-reset-the-chrome-browser-back-to-its-default-settings/
  9. GuiltySpark

    New Start Up Program Start A Scan

    This is currently being looked into https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/8988-something-added-to-startup/
  10. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    No its only for Windows currently.
  11. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    General section as its a bug not malware. I run Vista and some others still use older versions of Windows so its good to know if it is only appearing on certain OS versions. I only use Vista as and when for certain software as I do not like 10 (this is my choice only not the viewpoint of everyone).
  12. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    Moved to general section. Also alerted admins to this so they can take a look. I still haven't been able to reproduce the issue in vista
  13. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    Can you guys see if this is still an issue after updating cheers
  14. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    Ok I understand
  15. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    I've been trying to upload an image but it wont allow me to for some reason I'll have to ask geoff about that. Under Advanced Scan Settings can you check Scan Inside ZIP Archives and run a scan
  16. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    They should say in red next to them if a change has been detected.
  17. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    Can you all check the startup items within the System Investigator and see if there are any changes each time the message has popped up.
  18. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    I have not as yet been able to reproduce this error running Avira and SAS I'm still waiting to see if anything pops up in SAS version 8.0.1024
  19. GuiltySpark

    Adware Tracking Cookies

    Tracking cookies aren't really anything to worry about as you will get these when browsing web sites, they are not actually a threat so you're ok.
  20. GuiltySpark

    Something added to startup?

    Can you post a screen grab of the message please
  21. GuiltySpark

    SAS version 8.0.1024 installation problem

    Hi Doogie i'll let geoff know about this as it may be the same issue as before.
  22. GuiltySpark

    SuperAntiSpyware shuts down

    Do you get any error messages at all? Is SAS still running in task manager? Do you have any third party programs running in the background?
  23. GuiltySpark

    SAS 6.0.1264 crashes in Win10

    Hi Dean I think this is more an issue of Win 10 as that update has had nothing but problems see link and check out some of the comments too for additional problems arisen https://www.ghacks.net/2018/10/04/bugs-and-issues-of-windows-10-version-1809/
  24. GuiltySpark


    Not currently. Its only for windows.
  25. GuiltySpark

    com surrogate issues

    They aren't using any CPU or maxing the memory so it looks OK, but if you'd like to test about other slow down issues you can try gmer to see what if anything it finds. But as SUPERsupport says it is pretty normal.