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  1. Can this be confirmed, is there an issue with this installer?. If it is, SAS have quite possibly uncovered a major issue with what is a major game played by millions across the globe - I still have my reservations if I'm honest although some form of confirmation is needed here
  2. Not sure how to verify this, but I noticed on a recent full scan using SAS, "c:\SG Interactive\Project Blackout\UNINST.EXE" contains Trojan.Agent/Gen-StartPage ... I'm not sure if this is the real deal of a false positive. As far as I know, it's only SAS which is detecting this and if this is somehow a virus which has made it's way into this installer, it certainly would be a rather massive shakedown for this developer. Any advice on how to determine the validy of this would be appreciated. Cheers Marko
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