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  1. GuiltySpark, I fell happy enough about accepting it ..... cause I actually believe this happened sometime ago. I came across the Malware by accident when researching an issue with Action Center not detecting my AV (this is how I came by SuperAntiSpyware) so I thing its been there for some time. I user Avast and I'm happy with that too. solved the Action Center problem by using Avast uninstall tool and re-installing again. All the same I'll continue to research as I learning quiet a bit too and that's not a bad thing now is it:).
  2. Thanks for the tip GuiltySpark but unfortunately this malware just keeps on coming back. I tried several times with protection off but as soon as I log on the malware is created everytime. I did open a ticket and had SAS customer care look at it and after running some diagnostics they say they cannot find anything wrong. They advise to put it on the "Trust/allow" list. Not sure I like this idea to much but then again I am no expert. Is this what they call a false positive? Regarding symptoms of this particular reported Malware I have no idea of what to look out for. Everything appears to be normal but is it really. If anybody else has this particular problem and is is aware of acute symptoms then perhaps they can share them. I would like to get to the bottom of this and understand what happened so I can have confidence in my use of it. All advise appreciated. Thanks,
  3. Hi GuiltySpark, Is the restart after safe mode a normal restart or is all of the above in safe mode?
  4. Hi, I have a similar problem with this WINLOGON shell. Am using AVAST which Action Center could not see and my research led me to this forum. I created a ticket so hopefully you can help. Larry
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