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  1. Here is the SAS information for the scan that resulted in the two Heur.Agent/Gen.FakeSAS files: Program Version - 5.0.1142 Database Version - Core Definitions 8153, Trace Definitions 5965 01/20/2012, 04:44PM PST
  2. I just upgraded SAS, early am of 1/21/12. After running a full scan, SAS detected two Heur.Agent/Gen.FakeSAS files, so apparently SAS has not yet fixed the problem. The file name of the file is "ICONCDDCBBF.13EXE" located in two separate locations. C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\DON\APPLICATION DATA\MICROSOFT\INSTALLER\{CDDCBBF1-2703-46BC-938B-BCC81A1EEAAA}\ICONCDDCBBF1.EXE C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\HELPASSISTANT\APPLICATION DATA\MICROSOFT\INSTALLER\{CDDCBBF1-2703-46BC-938B-BCC81A1EEAAA}\ICONCDDCBBF1.EXE
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