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  1. C:\System Volume Information\_restore{46DE8921-1D39-44D2-A9E9-64119261F211}\RP277\A0022262.exe Is Troj/Keygen-GT C:\System Volume Information\_restore{46DE8921-1D39-44D2-A9E9-64119261F211}\RP273\A0021418.exe\FILE:0009 Is PUA EbayShortcuts Installer (and I cannot get rid of this from Sophos Quarantine) Additionally, there was another trojan, missed in the past two days, and a worm. I forgot to save copies of what they were called. AVG Free Personal Anti-Virus also missed them, but it might be because malware completely changed its settings, which I didn't discover until last night. I've been using a trial version of Sophos, which has found at least 4 things SAS Pro has missed. But it still has not found another piece of malware which shows up in Task Manager Services, and then disappears. Gail
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