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  1. Yep ran for over 3 hours and found a problem. Hoping it's the one that's been giving me such a headache.
  2. Just to follow up I rebooted to safe mode and the scan seems to be running fine now. Up to 3 minutes thus far. I expect it will continue until finished. Will post again if it doesn't.
  3. Hi there. New user of SAS. I have been chasing my tail on IE8 problems for nearly a week now. I eventually came across an article that suggest to install and run SAS. What appears to be happening is it will get to random areas and stop scanning. Then pc will completely reboot. I made note of one but its not always the same one. HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\SERVICE\AEL It seems to happen pretty consistently around 45 to 90 secs after starting scan. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks, Edward Horne
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