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  1. NLOP will be shut down for Wednesday and re-open on Thursday with your choice of using a browser version( IE of course, hate that browser!), or you can continue to use the software on your computer. I will check out the browser version. I beta tested it and I didn't have any problems, but I wasn't playing a lot like my husband does on the software version, which has been removed from his computer! I still have the software version on my computer, but I just log in to get my points, then on occasion I will play some games on Saturdays. I hope there is enough of my 15 day free trial of SAS Pro to see if it comes up with anything on the so called real time protection!
  2. Sounds like something similar to my problem. We play poker on NLOP, which used to be a browser based game. Then they made it so it was on your Desktop. Wasn't having to much problems with it, even with their ads. There is a nasty and I do mean Nasty Rouge program going around again! I met this SOB before about a year or so back! It shuts down your Firewall and walks right past your Security! I run XP machines, 2 Dells with Pro and the husbands is a HP Compaq running XP Home. This program runs under various names: "Windows Security Center 2012", "XP AntiVirus 2012", and it is all bad! So I decided to try the free version of this software, yes it found it and I thought I was safe, WRONG Then I figured I would try the Pro Version, with "Real Time Protection", doesn't even catch it walking through the door! I ran Spy-Bot after that when I did a system restore on my other user, then went back and got into my side to run it! It found 26 entries, 20 of which were Registry Changes! SuperAntiSpware Pro with Real Time Protection did not detect it at all! Which is what I thought it was suppose to do! So I don't think I want to pay for a program that doesn't work!
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