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  1. Well suki I thought the same , the guys at superantispywhare are saying to run a test, I'm still waiting for them to organise what to do. Ill keep you informed here:)
  2. I thought this forum is for helping solve spyware problems, WTF dogs and cats have to do with this topic?
  3. Definitely not cookies, it's spyware not sure what type but something is strange with the site, and i have the paid superantispyware, I get disconnected a lot in very unusual stages of the game. Have tested net no problem .
  4. @Nightcap, wow brilliant answer never thought of it. If you have anything constructive to add , will be well received, if not sarcastic remarks i give you plenty of those,. Does it come with the territory to pay for a product that supposedly stops spyware? Nevertheless I'll wait for a proper answer.
  5. I play on the pokerstars.com site, I get attacked with their spyware all the time , any suggestions how to block their spyware?
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