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  1. Hello Again I need help to determine if these are actual treats or false positive . Doing a scan as i write this and its showing two of the Rouge.Agent\Gen-Nullo[DLL] and the files are C:Windows\system32\MSDRVE.DLL C:Windows\VMOPTVER.DLL .. So If anyone can assists would be appreciated .. Thanks Nancy
  2. OK did another scan after i quarantine it and it comes back , every time i scan is this a false positive or not someone please help !!!!! Thanks Nancy
  3. I don't understand the language you wrote
  4. Hello all, SAS keeps finding these files C:Windows\system32\MSDRVE.DLL C:Windows\VMOPTVER.DLL i've deleted temp file and all then went in safe mode and it's still came up. Can anyone please help.. thanks Nancy
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