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  1. No, that doesn't work. It's not even listed in my 'startup' tab in msconfig. (unless that's the BLANK LINE there of one routine not identified, hmmm SAS?????) I've already unloaded it in task manager. I also told it not to load at startup, not to run scheduled scans, and not to do 'real-time' protection. Rebooted, and SASCORE.EXE is still running. Try looking at your task manager when you think you've unloaded it. Try shutting it down in task manager and watch it pop back up in about 3 seconds.
  2. I need to install some software (Adobe) and it's telling me to turn off my antivirus software, and knowing Adobe for 20 years, I believe them! There are many times I would like to force SASPro to let go of my memory. The problem is, can't unload SASCORE, it just loads up again. The other day I "exited" because I was working over the internet with a giant database and have only 1/2g of RAM. Right in the middle of a huge cut and paste, the scheduled scan popped up! So don't tell me it does any good at all to just unload SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE. Do I have UNINSTALL to get your software turned off?
  3. I mentioned this a couple of years ago in a tech support ticket. When you get a bug and need to go into safe mode, or maybe safe mode is ALL that you can get into (this is quite common), you will find SAS has not been updated, and the information on the page is difficult to view due to reduced-resolution of safe mode. Since this happens so commonly when a computer gets infected, it would seem worth a few hours of testing for a solution for this. Isn't there an environment variable that can tell the software the computer is running in safe mode?
  4. I'd rather they devote those extra man-hours into discovery and definition updates. That will make the product better.
  5. That is an excellent question, njl4515!! That folder should be scanned, even on quick scan. But even so, the malware that continues to add files to that folder is not recognized by SAS. I will look forward to hearing the answer from SAS/support.com.
  6. Yes, that is the Security 2012 trojan, and mine (last Thursday 15th) also dumped a rootkit on me, Rootkit.Win32.ZAccess.aml. Last year I got the 2011 version while running pro with real-time protection, contacted the company and they seemed to feel it was not unusual to get infected while running SASpro. But I'm amazed they fell victim to it again this year. I feel like I'm walking down the street naked, and they haven't even read my trouble ticket yet. So it was 4 days that I was unable to reply to emails or pay bills online due 15th! For what it's worth, here's how I cleaned up my machine: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic433286.html Maybe it could help you.
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