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  1. i understand this but if something is real time shoudln't it catch something that it don't know regardless of if there is a definition. i mean obviously is knows when something isn't normal whenever i update a program and now i can't remember what one it always gives a false positive, but i assumed it was catching it becasue it was trying to both install and change stuff which this virus has been doing. if it should protect the files and such i'd think it should stop anything if it seems odd and ask for permission.
  2. hello everyone i have super antispyware pro and i've always liked it becasue of the real time protection not that in all my years of computer use i've only had maybe 5 occurrences of viruses or Trojans. two of those has occurred within this week and teh real time protection has failed to detect or protect from either of these. its been the same virus each time. about four days ago it the win 7 2011 virus hit me for the first time, (ive worked on other people's pc infected but never my own). i was not even browsing the web when it happened, i did have firefox open to a website work uses for a paging system to monitor what was being paged and i was working on an excel file then it hit out of no where, the website i was on refreshed automatically every 5 mins but other than that no active surfing was being done. while i was able to use a few things and get my pc free of the virus it had a lasting effect on changing a setting somewhere that caused my vpn not to work becasue it could not set up ip filtering. after trying to figure that out for a couple of hours i just reformatted my pc and started fresh again. then today just before this i was actually surfing the web but not to any site that i don't go to on a daily basis anyways so they've all been safe for all this time so i am at a loss on how i got it again so quick after the first time. but in either of these instances did the sas real time protection stop the virus, it didn't even protect the browsers home page either. has anyone else had any experiences like this with sas's real time protection failing. to my knowledge this is the only two times it should have done anything (no logs ever on occurrences) and both times it failed so i wonder what i paid for over the free version as the real time protection seems to offer a false sense of security. if anyone could offer any advise that would be great. thanks ryan orlando
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