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  1. I'm new to SUPERAntiSpyware - just installed it on a Windows 2003 Server. I've launched it and run the scan a couple of times via RDP. Since the Scan time is so long (and thorough), I've chosen to disconnect from the RDP session to let it run. The last time I did this, when I logged back in, I found the SAS interface no longer part of the session - leading me to believe the scan had concluded. Earlier, I had confirmed that "Keep a detailed log of scanning results" and "Save Empty/Clean Logs" were both checked. I'd like to go back and look at the results of the scan that presumably concluded. I couldn't find any file with 'log' in the filename in the directories with the program files and the forums don't let me search on a word that short - hence this post. Where can I find the log files or where is the log file information stored? TIA
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