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  1. I have MSE and SASW Free edition. It is hard to say about MSE, sometimes it blocks and cleans a virus attack and sometimes it does not. I keep it up to date but that happens I guess. The last virus I got a few days ago totally disabled MSE and SASW, even when I restarted in SAFE Mode. In the past I was able to usa SASW on a memory stick to clean infections while in SAFE Mode but not this time. I had to have Norton fix it for a fee (99$), but it was a big job just to hook up with them on remote access since the virus disabled connections to the Internet. The Program that the virus was pushing me to buy was WIN 7 Microsoft Security 2012.
  2. I am running the Free Edition. Recently I was attacked by a virus, one of those rogue/malware programs that claims your computer is compromised and data can be stolen, and nothing will run. Access to the Internet to get help is blocked. The virus disabled my Microsoft Security Essentials as well as the Superantispyware.(SASW) The virus claims I must purchase and download their program to clean my computer, and I understand that to be a useless scam also. In the past I had this happen before I had installed the SASW program. Using another computer, I downloaded the program onto a memory stick. On the infected computer, I started it in SAFE MODE and using the memory stick I was able to clean the virus out. However that did not work in the most recent case. When I started the computer in Safe mode the virus was still active. I inserted the program with the memory stick but that was also disabled. I understand the Free Edition does not run in real-time protection mode, but I am wondering if there was anything I could have done on my computer with SASW in that case where the program was disabled. By "disabled", I mean that no matter what I tried the virus would popup and demand that I get THEIR program instead, even in SAFE Mode. In any case this is a virus that you may or may not know about. The Program it wanted me to buy was called WIN 7 Microsoft Security 2012, or something like that. Thanks for any info. (PS, I was able to get this fixed by Norton but it cost me $99.)
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