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  1. Thanks! I finally figured it out. I tried it like you said but I kept getting a error on the page message so I went to the site and downloaded it off the site using IE and it worked. Thanks for the help and putting up with the dumb questions.LOL
  2. Thanks I will try that and see what happens. Also this may sound like a dumb question but how do you go to 'what's running in IE?
  3. No I have it set to manually start. I run the program once a week or when I suspect something is going on. when I run a scan I always update before I do and it seems like since I upgraded to professional it seems to take a very long time to do it's thing. I switched it to manual because when I had it on Automatic it would do the same thing only when I didn't want it to.....every time I would load windows it would seem to lock up and I would have to sit and wait until it finished it's thing.
  4. Oh! I never thought about trying it in IE because I hardly ever use it any more. Thanks for your help. Now if I could find out why it takes so long for Superantispyware to start up, and download updates things would be all good. I have been using this program for years and it seems like it has gotten worst over the past couple years. I have to click the program icon several times to get the program to start. when I click it, it looks like it is going to start but won't start until I click it a second or third time. Then it looks like it takes forever to get the updates.....well let me back up, it gets the updates fairly quickly but it takes a really long time to install them once they are down loaded. Could that maybe be a Firefox thing also. If it was any other program but my Superantispyware I would have taken it off my computer by now but this is truly one of the best if not the best antispyware program out today. I really like it a lot.
  5. On the SUPERAntiSpyware menue page there is a box on the left hand part of the page near the bottom that says find out what's running on your computer. I have spent days trying to get this add on installed so I can run it. It down loads but it will not install because a box keeps popping up saying the file is corrupt. What do I have to do to get this to run?
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