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  1. I'm shocked. SUPERAntiSpyware.exe running for just a right click context menu pick? Then why should SAScore.exe run, when SUPERAntiSpyware.exe isn't? This program (and I like it!) needs a bit of reengineering, IMHO. Thanks again. Atomic Blast
  2. With the SAS 5 GUI closed, all I have is SAScore.exe running, not SuperAntiSpyware.exe. That only happens when the program is invoked manually. The right click scanning context switch works just fine with MBAM. Are you sure about NIS 2012 not interfering? Obviously, there is something very wrong here, under XP-SP3. Any ideas? Atomic Blast
  3. Hi. Not meaning to push... Please advise, thanks. Atomic Blast
  4. Hello: I have more information! A friend of mine and I are experiencing the same problem. When SAS 5 is open, I see the entry in the right click context menu. Upon closing SAS 5, it goes away. I am using Win7 SP1 and Win XP, SP3. Can you confirm this with NIS 2012? Thanks, Atomic Blast
  5. Hello: I am using SAS 5 Free (latest build as of this post) and Norton NIS 2012. Running Windows XP SP3. For some reason I had lost my right click context selection for SAS (weird) so I cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled SAS 5 Free again. Everything worked for a few hours, then the context menu pick went away. Yes, I checked off the explorer setting in the main UI. Submitted a trouble ticket which was closed, to my dismay, by your "technical" staff. Seems that I am not the only one. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Atomic Blast
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