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    DNSCHARGER Malware

    the FBI had sent a Alert that Millions of Computers will lose Internet and the virus Name is DNSCharger Superantispyware needs to be ready to take down the virus before it can do damage The DNSChanger Trojan Horse, also known as OSX.RSPlug.A and OSX/Puper, and OSX/Jahlav-C, has been found on numerous pornographic websites disguising itself as a video codec. Once downloaded and installed, DNSChanger changes the DNS settings on the computer, redirecting websites entered by the user to malicious sites. If personal information is entered on these malicious websites, it can lead to identity theft
  2. gene1234

    Add Support to these New OS

    well people have Linux and win 8 will be out in November
  3. gene1234

    Add Support to these New OS

    Windows 8 and Linux mint
  4. gene1234

    Suggestions for logs

    good idea
  5. gene1234

    Update CopyRight on program

    I think the monthly firmware update needs to include a update to the copyright to make it © 2006-2012
  6. gene1234

    List of Todays new Viruses

    Packed.Generic.341 Trojan 11/16/2011 Packed.Generic.340 Trojan 11/15/2011 Trojan.Tapaoux Trojan 11/15/2011 Bloodhound.Exploit.437 Trojan, Virus, Worm 11/14/2011 W32.Otpoh Worm 11/13/2011 Backdoor.Protucs Trojan 11/13/2011 Android.Positmob Trojan 11/12/2011 Backdoor.Gussdoor Trojan 11/11/2011 UltraDefragFraud!gen8 11/10/2011 Bloodhound.Exploit.428 Trojan, Virus, Worm 11/08/2011 Backdoor.Cycbot!gen8 Trojan 11/06/2011 PremiumSMSScam!gen8 11/07/2011 VBS.Mazgubage Trojan 11/06/2011 Trojan.FakeAV!gen76 Trojan 11/06/2011 Backdoor.Noppuca!gen Trojan, Worm 11/05/2011 Android.Fakemini Trojan 11/04/2011 Packed.Generic.335 Trojan 11/03/2011 Packed.Generic.336 Trojan 11/03/2011 Packed.Generic.337 Trojan 11/03/2011 Packed.Generic.338 Trojan 11/03/2011 SymbOS.Fakemini Trojan 11/03/2011 Gamevance!gen4 UltraDefragFraud!gen6 11/03/2011 W32.Ircbot.NG!gen4 Trojan, Virus, Worm 11/02/2011 OSX.Coinbitminer Trojan 11/01/2011 ALS.Jiwai Virus 11/01/2011 Trojan.Zeroaccess!gen2 Trojan 10/31/2011 W32.Changeup!gen13 Trojan, Virus, Worm 10/28/2011 W32.Pilleuz!gen29 Worm 10/28/2011 Backdoor.Winnti Trojan 10/28/2011 W32.IRCBot.BPQ Worm 10/27/2011 Bloodhound.PDF.33 Trojan 10/26/2011 Bloodhound.Flash.12 Trojan, Virus, Worm 10/26/2011 Backdoor.Hormesu Trojan 10/26/2011 OSX.Tsunami Trojan 10/26/2011 Bloodhound.PDF.34 Trojan 10/24/2011 Perl.Bossworm Worm 10/28/2011 W32.Duqu!conf Trojan 10/28/2011 Backdoor.Cycbot!gen7 Trojan 10/28/2011 Backdoor.Misdat Trojan 10/28/2011 Adware.ArcadeWeb!gen Trojan 10/21/2011 Backdoor.Cycbot!gen6 Trojan 10/28/2011 Downloader.Dromedan Trojan 10/28/2011 PremiumSMSScam!gen6 10/19/2011 Android.Batterydoctor Trojan 10/28/2011 SONAR.LowSec!gen1 Trojan
  7. gene1234

    few False Report of Viruses

    1.Disney Pirates online 2.Battlefield 1942 3.Battlefield 2 4.Battlefield 3
  8. gene1234

    Suggestions on Improvements

    1.Flash Cloud Scanning 2.Heuristic Scanning 3.Start up Guard 4.Browser Guard 5.Network Guard 6.File Guard 7.Cookie Guard 8.Process Guard 9.USD Disk Guard 10.Malicious Action Guard 11.Social Network guard with Facebook Wall Link Scanner 12.Dual-Core engine 13.Super Firewall 14.Performs FULL scans on ALL drives 15.ToolBox 16.Multi-lingual support 17.Email Scanner 18.phishing Guard 19.IM Guard 20.Download Guard 21.Browser, Cookie, and Site Guards 22.Website Scanner-to let you know what websites and links contain Viruses and it will let u know not to enter that site Adds Protection from spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers,Hackers,Ad-ware,Malware and Viruses plus more