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  1. I've been going around in circles with SAS. I have "Lifetime Pro" subscription for two (2) computers. I just upgraded one computer's hard drive to a larger size. Now SAS is telling have to activate SAS again. When I try to activate over the web I'm told the number of valid licenses for the registration code you entered has been exceeded and to please contact our support staff. I believe the problem is compounded because over a year ago my email account was glitched and I had to start a new one. The old email address is dead, gone, kaput. And my account at SAS has that old (now non-functioning) email as my email account of record. I can't change my email profile account to the new one because SAS is still set with my old email. In other words, "I can't get there from here". How the heck can somebody change the email account to a new one when SAS won't let me in ... without validating the old one ... which is no longer valid? Can anyone help me to find out how to get in touch with the SAS people to get them to acknowledge me at all ?? - Rich
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