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  1. I downloaded Process Explorer from sysinternals.com and replaced it with the Task Manager because Process Explorer has so many other processes & features. I know Process Explorer is from Microsoft and a legit program. Is there any way to unblock this?
  2. I tried your suggestions but it still gets stuck on this directory. I found c:\documents and settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Toolbar\IsolatedStorage\ViaJewel\. Is ViaJewel some type of Bejeweled game? I'm certainly not going to copy all these images. I'm going to back up the user's profile to an external drive and then reinstall XP and just scan the user's profile on the external drive with Superantispyware.
  3. I'm scanning a Latitude D530 with XP Pro SP3 and I'm on a 3rd scan in safe mode with Superantipsyware and removed a Zugo trojan. It's stuck a directory called c:\documents & settings\username\local settings\application data\Microsoft\Top_Games_Images. It's been stuck on this diretory for about 3 hours. Is there any way to get SASW to bypass this diretory temporarily or is there something in this diretory that is preventing the scan from finishing?
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